Behind Lift My Skills

Lift My Skills was founded by Kate Mason, born out of her love to development and helping others achieve success.
Here we strive to improve people’s everyday life. Pursuing this mission our portal collects information on how to develop vital skills in different areas, which are: Writing skills, Interpersonal skills, Building self-confidence and others. We guide and train people on how to just do that

In our technological era things change rapidly. Hence, people should change with same speed, if not faster. To keep the ball rolling self-development and constant work on your skills is vital more than ever. strives to help supply readers with the necessary motivation. Hopefully, this motivation keeps people power charged to continue on their own personal journey of success in life.

Who we helpKate Mason

On the first place we help people who realize their need in self development. They can be:

  • business owners willing to manage their company in a better way;
  • managers and co-workers developing their interpersonal and people skills;
  • different people trying to control they anger;
  • students and writers in search of new suggestions to their writing;
  • but more than others, it’s you!

Reveal ways to respect yourself and earn the respect of others with us!

Why to be with Us

LiftMySkills is a portal that is always in progress. We provide latest actionable guides in different skills-related areas.

Switch from a rather destructive approach to a much more progressive one.

Become a less reluctant and much more self-confident individual socially and in other situations.

Convert to a lot more attentive person. People tend to life in their head, in the past and in the future. Spend more time living it in the current moment. It’s a wonderful thing.

Increase your effectiveness and productivity. Switch from a procrastinating lounger to an individual that is happy with pretty every hour of his/her life.

Simplify your thinking and other daily and weekly routines and habits.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us using This form