In certain moments of our life, we all need self-respect. It can be called a sense that helps people to upraise their lives. Because if the individual is not satisfied with himself, he would also see only flaws in others.

get self-confidence

Such people are always fulfilled with inferiority, they think all they actions would eventually work out in a wrong way.

Where does a feeling of unhappiness come from?

Firstly, let’s clarify that self-confidence is not something you have or don’t have. It is a unique feeling for each human being. But if you have low self-esteem, it causes lots of inconveniences:

  • You are afraid to give a speech in front of a public (even a group of 4-5 people scares you to death);
  • You think twice before doing something or talking to someone because of it;
  • You don’t want to move forward in the workplace, being afraid of new responsibilities, and skills you do not have for that kind of job;
  • Even something you actually want to do slips away before you put together guts to step for it.

Many other reasons are there, but the problem is one – you need help and somehow improve your confidence. The fact is that this issue comes from the fear, fear to be unheard, fear to be mocked and much more. But remember ONE thing – no one really cares! Everyone who is around you is busy with their own concerns and thoughts.

So, before you start increasing your self-esteem through powerful techniques we listed here, please, get rid of the fear. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, their perception of your figure depends TOTALLY on your own thoughts of yourself.

Don’t try to become better, become yourself.

Face your dreams and beliefs, and stand for them.

What is vital in completing this task – is not be afraid of falling. You can always get up and move forward with your head held high.
The primary rule to remember before starting to build self-confidence is the only person you can compare yourself to – are you in the past.

How to boost your self-esteem?

Here let’s review advice you should consider while fighting with low self-esteem:

1. Take an honest look and measure your capabilities.

You will certainly understand it is not so bad, and many of your so-called weak spots are not significant. And if there are any serious weaknesses, such as anger, selfishness, the good news is you identified them and can wipe them out. When you win, it will raise your self-esteem for sure.

2. Never diminish the qualities you have.

Maybe a young person will consider it insignificant to be able to lift something really heavy, or bake delicious pies, or writing a paper in less than 20 minutes, but it all matters. Believe the fact someone will be amazed at your talent. Find in yourself those human merits you can be proud of, if there is no any, raise them. It can be sensitivity to others, generosity, sense of humor, neatness, kindness, tolerance. They will eclipse all other debilities.

3. Don’t be detached from reality

Cultivate a realist inside yourself and set achievable goals, it is important for goals to be achieved. With every accomplished goal, you will gain confidence in yourself. Remember, only successfully completed tasks will give results.

4. Do not be shy of what you have.

While sharing and helping others, you can get a lot of respect for others, and then from yourself. Always remember true friends are there to help you, so carefully choose your network and acquaintances.

Sources for self-confidence

Research show you can scoop self-esteem in five ways, so let’s review all of them.

5. Practical experience

They are goals we have already achieved. For example, if you have good grades in math you start to believe you are able to succeed in this subject. If you do well in baseball, scoring a pair of goals, you begin to think you have skills to play baseball.

6. Role models

These are people we admire, who possess qualities and skills we want to have. Their success motivates us, we usually try to acquire same expertise and demeanor they have. Noteworthy, the more these people are same to us, the more likely their achievements will add confidence to us. Of course, we can talk here about a pattern of competition, but the victors are not judged.

7. Support and approval

It is vital to have people around you who believe in your possibilities and support your endeavors. It is particularly useful in case we respect such people. However, support and encouragement of others give a much smaller increase in confidence, unlike personal experience and role models.

8. Emotions and feelings

Our mood and reaction to stress play a significant role. If you feel overwhelmed with stress while trying something new, you will essentially begin to avoid it. Learning how to cope with stress will add confidence to your everyday life.

9. Imagination

When imagining how to deal with future tests (i.e., it can be an oral exam or driving test), you can add yourself confidence. Though it is less useful than the real experience, can still come in handy.

Hopefully, now you get the effect from real achievements would be far better than just thoughts. Confidence is not preceded by accomplishments; it rather follows them.

What if there are no results you can rely on? In this case, appeal to your imagination (nineth source of self-esteem). One technique – is to imagine the best possible version of yourself in the future.

Imagine everything you hoped for has been fulfilled, and you have realized your full potential. Imagine yourself most vividly. Describe this image in the form of writing.

Such exercise will help in building self-confidence and optimism, understand your objectives and priorities better. Ultimately it should improve the quality of life. If writing is not your strong suit, draw it on paper or in Photoshop. What matters is the image should look lively and tangible. It should urge to action and embody it into reality.