We selected 10 ways to upgrade your writing skills right now. If you like to transform your thoughts into the text, this article is exactly for you!

writing skills
Looks like such pieces are being published more frequently than we would like it. And it is not just a coincidence, with current trends writing could really benefit your career. Expressing your thoughts, sharing them with people around and getting feedback from them – is great.

Though for some of us creative writing could be a reason for stress, almost anybody can improve their writing with a bit of discipline and willingness to develop. This list of ten ways to improving writing skills is exactly for you.

1. Get read of the unnecessary filler words.

Um cause dey kinda like annoyin’. As in verbal communication same in written we all have words, we would like to use less. Firstly, try to eliminate fillers, you can record your voice, listen to a casual conversation with friends or analyze your writing. Although these words can seem reasonable in some cases, try not to overuse them. It is possible to easily replace filler words with synonyms with the help of grammar checker tool or transform text to get rid of them.

2. Write every day

At least something. Do not tell yourself you don’t have creative ideas. There is always something:

  1. What you have dreamed of today.
  2. Exciting news you heard of today/yesterday/this week.
  3. What you would do if you get 1 million/billion of dollars.
  4. Why this day was so good.
  5. Why you don’t have inspiration and what you should do to get it.
  6. What you could teach a stranger

Write on a daily basis and it will help you to develop your skill more and more with every day.

3. Read books

The easy rule: if you don’t read, you can’t write. The more you read, the more you get the idea of how an appealing text should look like.

The world has so many wonderful books, and each of them will not only help you to plunge into a fantasy world but also to get a real benefit. Writing skills, for example.

Read not only blog posts or articles from the Facebook feed – extend your reading material. With every new book you read you are developing an eye for what makes a piece so compelling, and which mistakes to avoid. Don’t forget to pay attention to word choice, sentence structure and the flow of the material.

4. Listen to fair criticism

If your close friends or readers expressed the view about your article, appraise it and make right conclusions. It is almost impossible to get rid of all your mistakes on your own. Therefore, credible criticism – is the best factor for your growth.

5. Write in same words as you think

While developing your own style of writing, it is not necessary to write with recondite words. Write with words you are thinking with. The voice in your head already knows what to do. Put your trust in it and let inner voice say what it wants. If you want to write like John Irving, there will always be someone who will do it better. For example, John Irving.

6. Edit with a fresh mind

Many mistakes pop-up later. Editing of the text after it’s been written can help to exclude some mistakes, but ideally would be to do it the day after. In such case you can check your masterpiece with a clear head, and believe me, you will want to rewrite and fix text a lot.

7. Eliminate the needless words

The Internet has too much of information, and no one will read paragraphs of meaningless text.

In the book “American Psycho” voluminous descriptions of how the protagonist’s shaving gel is applied on the body and how he puts on a suit by Brioni and Prada shoes are an art chip. But you better get rid of the excess water. Leave short sentences and only what is necessary.

8. Use short sentences and paragraphs

No one will read a canvas of text with long sentences and lots of plot turns. Try to write briefly and do not forget to divide the text into paragraphs with headlines. A short section is always easier to read than a long one.

Even the most talented writers learn their craft throughout many years. So be strict to yourself while writing and editing, though remember it will take the time to master critical thinking skill.

9. Remember about the research and outlines

Devising something new is very hard, especially in this area. But common sense should prevail here, so respect other’s work and do your own research where it is possible. If you are a specialist in the certain area, believe in yourself and start transforming your own thoughts into excellent work.
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Don’t rely entirely on official sites like Wikipedia, use original sources where it is possible.

To structure your ideas, use a simple framework of what to include in the article and in which order. If the subject you are writing about is complex, the outline shouldn’t be simple either. Include short sentences about each of the section with introductions and conclusions.

10. Enjoy the process of writing

You should like the process of writing not only because you saw some blogger with Macbook in a café. Though the process of writing a book mostly isn’t fun and feels more like an emotional roller coaster.

Focus on the final reader, think of how you can impress him, and the process of writing will become something you will enjoy. Such approach will transform creative writing from an obstacle into something fulfilling and exciting.

These are 10 major pieces of advice on improving your writing skills. But once the piece is written, the significant move is to proofread it. Either you want to write an executive summary or want to run your own blog, ensuring your work is free of mistakes is a crucial point. It is one of the best things you can do to improve your writing skills.

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