We are going to review various professional communication skills, and as a result, will outline a plan for the development in this field. We should develop and improve oral and written communication skills because it is hard to overstate the importance of communication in any business. So, we are going to familiarize you with 10 general tips you should take into the account and improve.

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  1. The ability to be interested in the collocutor. The thing is when a person starts to talk about a business he is interested in, he is so excited that might not hear others. Sometimes we meet a person and give him tons of information, and we are not interested does he heed it or not. Afterward, this person shrugs us off as from the nuisance and says it is not interesting to him. And he is absolutely right. Same applies to the communication at work. So don’t offer anything to others without knowing what a person needs.
  2. The ability to focus on the conversation and on the process of what we are doing makes clear and concise communication. The most typical example of the dispersion is when we are talking to a colleague by Skype while checking the inbox, chatting to other people, etc. And we don’t give a clue that we are losing the conversation thread. Hence, we don’t build any relationship with another person, and it is not right.
  3. You should have a correct expression on your face. For some reason tensed facial expression is perceived as a sign of willpower and determination. In reality, smile creates wonders because it is not common. Of course, it should be sincere and will work as an excellent part of communicational skills.
  4. An exact extent of the pressure. While being excited, we can come to our friend and spill on him the information that is interested only in us. While the friend was doing his business and was not ready for such pressure. So a great technique of the effective communication is to make another person interested in the dialog. Otherwise, he will stop accepting you and will just think of the ways to get rid of you because of your poor communicational skills. Our high level of the enthusiasm does not imply same to others. The majority of people do not like being under pressure, that’s why try to control your excitement and slowly check its effect on others.
  5. The ability to overcome fear. It is crucial. To develop in business one should possess a high level of motivation, which allows having the inner core. And as a result we can smile, be persuasive, joke and behave correctly despite all the worries, different things we should do and even sometimes something doesn’t work out. That is why business – is not for all people, but for those who want to win the battle with their fears. The fear is the barrier on the way to success, and the ability to fight your fear is critical.

effective communication

How to overcome the fear? You should do things you are afraid to do. The control over your thoughts is important because many people do not realize they are afraid of something. In spite of it, they create thousands of excuses not to do it. Once you understand the real cause of not doing something is fear – start doing it immediately. Fight your fear! It might not give any material benefits, but you will beat your main enemy. Face your fear and deal with stress. If you run away from it, it will catch and crush you. If you stand steal – the fear will come and stand beside. If you go towards it you will meet it, pass and move by everyone with its own way.

  1. Management of your body and your appearance. Watch yourself – how do you look, which poses you take. You should be able to switch the subconscious of the interlocutor to the positive side, to relax him, and let him understand information which will be interesting to him.
  2. The ability to tell the truth. Sometimes in conversation when talking about perspectives of or business we have a tendency to exaggerate. But we all should clearly understand any business either straight or network takes the time to be build. Firstly, be ready to work hard, and after that wait for results. Here your skills of telling the truth would be handy, try to submit information in such appearance when it is simultaneously genuine and attractive.
  1. Knowledge of the topic you are talking about. While talking about the business, you should know it thoroughly. Experience gives you self-confidence. Remember your feelings in school being asked without knowing the answer? Same in business. A person you are talking to can ask you a question reply to which you won’t know. And this ignorance will bring you back to the fear, and will show your uncertainty in the business you want to offer to another person.
  2. A skill of talking on the same level. The main pitfall of individuals who know more – they speak language not familiar to other people. Hosting, domain, motherload, bonus and other names start to spill out of you as from holy grail. It calls anger. Better to understand another person, wear his boots. Moreover, try not to stand on the upper or lower level in a moral and psychological way. Do not let others supervise you and don’t supervise others. Try to be on the same footing, but keep in mind the distance which should take place in all professional relationships.
  3. Self-programming on improving lives of others. Exactly this skill is your inner core, which will help you to stand still, develop and move forward. Such skill can be named your credo, mission, sense of the actions and so on. If you are smiling and self-confident, bringing positive energy to others, trying to help them, ask yourself – why won’t you achieve success? Examine any successful person. He is active, confident, purpose-driven. That’s why try to communicate with successful people, you will get your self-confidence and a correct orientation. Apart from that not only accept but also give. Give these qualities to others and they will appeal to you. Give positive, confidence, smile, attention. Only with these secondary qualities you are bringing good to the world!

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